Hi lovelies, 

Happy New Year!  

Firstly we hope you all had a great time during Xmas and New Year’s celebrations. 2012 is well under way and there are many exciting things to tell you.

Right now we’re both off sick and Sarah has Tonsilitis so we haven’t been able to rehearse all week :-( but hopefully we’ll be on the mend soon! 

We have been busy mixing and mastering our debut EP which is going to be called Crows’ Wedding. According to English folklore, this is one day of the year, usually in March when all the crows in a community gather in a field to pair up. The songs on this EP are about relationships so we thought the title was perfect. 

The playlist will be:

  1. Same As You
  2. Wildflowers
  3. Misery
  4. Undone

We have set the release date for March 12th and it will only be available in digital format from the main online outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Play, etc.). This is the first of 3 EP’s we plan to release this year so watch this space! We are also excited to be working with PR company Outpost Media to help us with promotion and press. Yay!

Just before Christmas we were in Copenhagen where we had a photoshoot with MUUSE (fashion community) wearing all our costumes from fashion designer VASEL. It was such a great experience and we got some really good shots! You can see some of them on our brand new website . One of the photos of Hector was even been featured on Italian Vogue which you can see here. 

Our first show of 2012 will be on Jan 27th at 333 Mother Bar, Old Street, London. Hope to see some of you there!

Hector & Sarah x


Whilst we were in Copenhagen at the weekend, our dear friends took us to Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center to see the ‘Space Invaders’ exhibition.  With installations and the chance to play on some old school games, it brought back memories of my first computer the ZX Spectrum and games like Nomad!  Then later on my brother’s Mega Drive with games like Columns!  This is a little video of the working model used in one game.  The player stands behind the wall where there is a screen and a controller, whilst on the other side, a camera captures the model moving and flashing to create a moving image….great stuff!

More info here: http://www.kunsthallennikolaj.dk/en 


Behind the scenes at our photoshoot in Copenhagen with Muuse Fashion and Vasel on Monday 5th December. Muuse asked us over to showcase our collaboration with Swedish fashion designer Vasel. Linda Vasel has made us several bespoke pieces including clothes and accessories.  We can’t wait to see the final photos!